Capgemini Interview Experience

I am sharing what are the questions they asked me in the technical/HR Capgemini Interview Experience :

Technical Interview:

Tell me about yourself ?

Tell me about your project ?

do you know about Dbms and Rdbms?

What is dbms and rdbms ?

In which format they store data Dbms and rdbms?

Do you Know the Concepts of primary key ?

what is primary key and unique key?

Two differences between primary and unique key.

Do you know about roll back ?

What is roll back ?

Can we undo the changes after commit statement is passed in any case ?

Do you know about dead lock ?

What is dead lock ? with example ?

Do you know command promt ?

What are the commands we use for inserting files ?

How we will get all the files in command prompt ?

what is strong area in IT or programming ? (my ans : python)

Have you created app using python ?

Are you willing to relocate ?

Are you ok with any shifts ?

How do handle a pressure situation in a company, in a situation where you have lot of work is deadline is near ?

HR Interview:

Tell me about yourself?

Tell me about the project you have done in your campus?

Are you ok with reallocation ?

are you willing to do in any shifts ?

you have to sign 2 years bond, are you ok with that ?

show me your college id card ? (for id proof)

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