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Abu Dhabi is home to the biggest number of Lebanese food and Arab cuisine in Dubai. Many Lebanese restaurants is offering you something called mezze which is basically Arabic salads and appetizers. These places tend to be in high class districts such as Al Nahda and Al Jumeriah. Naturally, in case you are looking for great Indian food in Abu Dhabi, you don’t have to look too far. In truth, the city centre is home to one of the best restaurants serving up Indian food in Abu Dhabi.

The place of this specific restaurant is especially available for visitors, given that it is just off the Corniche. Among the most common restaurants in Abu Dhabi is the Lebanese Restaurant Al Saahel. It’s recognized for its tasty homemade hummus as well as its delicious kishk (a stew created out of goat’s milk). The cuisine at Al Saahel depends in a normal Lebanese design with a lot of imagination. Lebanese food. You’ll see that Lebanese restaurants are scattered throughout the city.

The city’s malls often feature a number of eating places that serve up Lebanese food, while several of the city’s larger hotels have several restaurants serving up the cuisine. It is also possible to come across Lebanese restaurants in the city centre, along with the suburbs of Abu Dhabi. One of the joys of experiencing Al Majboos is the communal element of the recipe. It’s often served on large platters, encouraging diners to gather around and enjoy the flavors together. The adventure of enjoying Al Majboos not merely offers a taste of Emirati food but also an understanding of the warmth and hospitality deeply ingrained in the local community.

Emirati Delights: A Taste of Tradition. Al Harees: A Culinary Celebration. Our adventure into Abu Dhabi’s local cuisine starts off with Al Harees, a dish that resonates with the heart of Emirati traditions. Often enjoyed during festive activities and also Ramadan, Al Harees is greater than simply a meal- it’s a cultural celebration. Where to Savor International Cuisine. Listed here are some of top places in Abu Dhabi to indulge international flavors.

Zuma Abu Dhabi: A Japanese Culinary Journey. Zuma Abu Dhabi is a pricier Japanese izakaya-style restaurant which offers an exquisite sushi exposure to a modern day twist. The restaurant’s chic ambiance and expertly crafted sushi rolls ensure it is the best spot for an unique evening out. You will be carried to the rich streets of Tokyo while enjoying the best Japanese cuisine. In my youth, I was looking to head to a nearby markets as well as speak to the shopkeepers in the own personal words of theirs.

My family was not attracted to the concept – they thought I was crazy! At faculty, where I met a few amazing folks from across the planet, we’d frequently visit the markets merely to pay attention to the vendors and strive to understand the various languages and foods, all while trying the many dishes and foods on the stalls.

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