Hexaware Interview Experience

 Hexaware interview experience as per faced by students.

Student 1:

Type-Technical Round:

  1. give introduction
  2. tell mi about projects
  3. difference between delete and truncate
  4. how to find duplicate records from a table
  5. SQL query deadlock
  6. 2 tier 3 tier architecture
  7. inline function
  8. finally and its usages
  9. finalize
  10. deadlock in os
  11. asynchronous clustering
  12. some c programs to predict the output
  13. can we make an object of abstract class if not how to do it?

Student 2:

Type-Technical Round:

  1. Introduction
  2. tell me about your projects
  3. Which technologies are used in Your project?
  4. SQL query on joins.
  5. Write a bubble sort program in any language. I wrote that program and show the output in ascending order. Then he tells me to show me output in descending order. I also show it.
  6. He said any questions from your side. I said any questions from other subjects like oop. He said time is less and I have done with you.

Next Day I get mail that You have shortlisted for communication test.

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