How to get unique ideas for Startup

Whenever you say , you want to make your  own startup. First question arises is ” what is your startup idea?”. So you start searching unique plan for startup. Before thinking for startup objective ask yourself ” Why you want to become your own boss?“. 

Answer you find for above question is key too the problems that you will face in achieving your dreams. Because looser has  many reason to not get successful but winners has just that one reason to get successful. Your answer will be first and important key towards achieving your dreams. 

Now come to our first question “what’s your startup plan?”. To start startup you not need unique ideas “Just you need unique way to do normal things”. For example : PayPal, before PayPal we use to send or receive money by visiting banks, now we send and receive by using just apps. So as said ” great people not doing unique things, they do normal things in unique way“.

The last thing is getting success, if you believe in yourself and work in both hard and smart ways you will get successful. Sometimes it may take more time but eventually you will get successful.

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