TCS Interview Experience

TCS Interview Experience By Ganesh Jondhalekar is selected for the Ninja package in TCS.

Name: Ganesh Jondhalekar

Time: 8 December 2020 9:30 Am.

Type: Technical+ HR + Personal

Technical Questions-

Three interviewers joined the meeting ,one mam and two sir and start the interview.

  1. Introduction.

2. Explain projects done. I explain my third-year project “Attendance System Using Face Recognition

3. Technologies used in the project.

4. Your role in the project. I told them I worked as a Backend Developer. So They ask me that you worked as a backend developer so you know SQL. I said Yes. Then they ask me to follow two commands on SQL.

5. SQL query to print the highest salary from emp table. I answer this command in the chatbox properly.

6. SQL query to print second highest salary from emp table. I get stuck and wait for 10 seconds. I did not answer that query properly but I told them I can use a nested query here.

7. In my resume I have added the snake game project. They ask me snake game project is created by you or it group project. It was my self-project so I tell them it made by me in my second year using pygame module in python.

8. When you learn python? I told them that in second year there was no subject like python to study so I decided to learn python by self-study. I learn python completely in my second year by using Youtube channels.

HR and Personal Questions-

1. How You work as a team leader?

2. Any difficult situation during the project and how u face it.

3. Consider in your team there are some members which don’t work properly. How you will manage their work. Or how you manage such members

4. Are you able to relocate to foreign countries?

5. Will you do the night shift?

6. will u work on the weekend?

7. If the company said u to work on weekends then how would you manage your family during work.

8. who is the CFO of the TCS? I did not know the CFO of TCS So they ask me who is CEO of TCS. I answered it.

At last Mam say we are done with you Ganesh. She ask me that have you any question from your side? I ask her tree questions as bellow,

1. How you manage your work during the covid pandemic? She spoke on that subject for 5-10 minutes.

2. If I selected in this Interview, how will be work that is work from home(online) or offline.? She told me we can’t answer this question because it will depend on the covid situation.

3. Is your company work on AI, ML, Deep Learning? Can I get a chance to work on such projects? She told me we work on AI, ML, DL. Based on your performance In training project will be allocated.

At last One Sir said me that we feel happy during conversation with you. Thank You Ganesh… I said Thank you sir ,mam and sir.

On 25 December I get mail that You have selected for TCS.

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