Artificial Intelligence

The most Intelligence thing in this universe is the Human. Because all the invention present on the earth is made by human. Humans born on this earth with natural intelligence. All humans have the same capacity to think, but it depends on how much we use it.

All machines present on the earth are made by a human, but these machine’s work depends on a human because the machine can’t think like a human. Now imagine if machines can think like humans then what will happen? If a human builds any machine which can think like a human, it can do anything that humans can did. What is the meaning of this, that is machine comes with Intelligence. And this is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a technique to build smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. So one question arises to mind that how intelligence came into the machine? Because the machine does not have a brain like a human to think. So the machine can think if and only if we build brain-like humans to performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

To implement Artificial Intelligence in a machine, an electronic circuit is created with a processing unit. So that input signals are given to machine and these input signals are processed by processing unit and it provides an output signal. Only the processing unit itself not able to do these tasks, it requires Algorithms which take input and provide required output. Some machine learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms are used to built machines with intelligence.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning are two subsets of Artificial Intelligence. Create algorithms that learn from data and observe patterns from that data and use that pattern to take decisions. This is called Machine Learning.

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning. In this, an Artificial neural network is created like a neural network in humans. To create an artificial neural network, layers of algorithms are used which act as neurons or nerve cells in the human brain which transmit and process the information received from our senses. Perceptrons are algorithms that take input and provide required output that output is taken by another algorithm as input and so on. So these perceptions act like neurons in the human. In this way network of perceptions is created which is able to make intelligent decisions.

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