WIPRO Interview Experience

Wipro interview experience:

All bellow questions are asked during Wipro Tech-Interview 2021.


Self Introduction.

Oop’s concept

Diffirence between java and c++?

CEO of Wipro.

Family background


What is c?

Some questions on Python.


They asked about my project.

Educational background.

Which technologies do u know?

About pythons like what are lists and tuples?

why python is a procedural language?

About dictionaries in python.

The last question is do you have any questions to ask me


Explain about mini-project.

What you have done in an internship?

Do u know about bond and are you okay with it?

Have any gaps in the study?

Have any active backlogs?

Are you willing to relocate?

Tell me everything about you know about c and python.

Tell me your achievements


Introduce yourself, family, and skills. What are the phases of project

As a project team leader what problems you faced.

What are the risk factors in project.

What are the trending Technologies you know.

What is the date, when did you last search about any IT company.

Tell me about your family details.

Why should I select you.

What is the final year subject you choose.

How will you rate yourself in Python out of 10 scale.

About SDLC model.



How are you ?

Introduce yourself.

Tell me about your project(Explain).

Any technical expertise – I mentioned OOPS.

What is null pointer? Give an example.

What is exception handling?

Difference between abstraction and encapsulation.

Then he asked about my hobbies. Based on that few questions were asked

Then he asked about my academics.

Do u have any questions?
Based on my question the interview went on for more than 5 minutes.

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Snake game using python

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