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About Comapany :-

The Skovian teamย is an eclectic blend of engineers and digital marketers who bring new technologies, strategies, and ideas towards positive transformation for our beneficiaries.
We at Skovian strive each day to align with our values of excellence, commitment, and mutual respect through our work trying to always improve our delivery and ourselves. We ensure to maintain transparent communication, own all our projects with close cooperation and trust between the team and with our clients.

How do I apply?

Simple. Send us your updated CV with an interesting cover letter to careers@skovian.com
It is very important you highlight your experience and how you will add value to our team in your cover letter.
Get us interested!

Am I right for Skovian Ventures?

If you are a strong Technical mind, Digital Marketer and view ideas with an intent to improve, organize and make a user have a unique experience, join us!

What do you look for in an applicant?

We look for someone with passionate involvement in our values of commitment, excellence, respect for all, and ownership, to name a few. We want our people to feel it is their company and grow every day. We look for people who are work-in-progress to become experts, always keen to learn.

What skills do you seek in an applicant?

We are an eclectic blend of people with creative abilities, discipline, attention to detail and always look forward to meeting people with new ideas that can commit to see their idea through, measure results and improve.

Where do I have to work and what are the work timings?

We are currently running operations from our Pune office in Banner, and work from Monday through to Friday from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm. There are exceptions, but they are compensated as justified.

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